The restaurant

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The chef

Chevallaz Christophe

Good food is honest, sincere and simple! The chef, Christophe, passionate about his job, does not lack imagination. He offers local and traditional dishes. An unpretentious but tasteful and seasonal cuisine, for which the chef changes his menu twice a season.


Fresh products

We work with a maximum of fresh products and with partners committed to the same optics, we strive to offer you homemade and quality dishes.


Braised beef cheek 8 hours

Sweet potato mousseline with hazelnut chips and glazed vegetables

Homemade rösti

with dried bacon and alps cheese

Creamy risotto with truffle

and bread crisps

Fillet of beef with morels and Ermitage wine

Candied potatoes with butter and garlic

Beef tartar

with french fries and toasts

Cream pie

with Reunion Vanilla

Homemade frozen nougat

with red fruits coulis

Sticky toffee pudding

with vanilla ice cream and salted butter caramel sauce

Homemade crème brûlée

with Basel Läckerli